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About Us - Official Bluesky Gel Nail Polish Supplier

At bestgelnailpolish.co.uk (formerly blueskynails.com) we only sell genuine Bluesky gel nail polish products, imported from the Bluesky Nail Gel Polish company in China as one of their authorised UK suppliers.

We offer fast, safe delivery which is free over £20 for UK buyers.

Some info about the Bluesky gel nail polish brand -

Nail polish brands such as CND, GIA and Bluesky are the types of gel nail polishes that are used in professional nail salons for great looking, long lasting style nails.

The Bluesky gel nail polish brand are a hard wearing, full range of gel colour nail polishes which include various textures, glitters, colour changing and classic ranges.

Bluesky gel nail polishes have become highly popular in the last few years as they can last up to 14 days without chipping or fading when applied properly.

The Bluesky Gel Nail Polish ranges need to be applied using a 35v UV nail polish lamp or LED nail lamp to cure the gel nail polish gel and get the full hard waering effect of gel nail polishes. For optimum results it is recommended to use the Bluesky gel nails polish base coat, and also the Bluesky gel nail polish top coat alongside the Bluesky gel nail polish colour you choose.

This ensures your nails get the perfect gel finish and hardwearing use that Bluesky Gel Colour Nail Polishes are famous for!

For Bluesky Nail Polish MSDS and safety information please click here

Bluesky gel polish have recently started to name the colours. The names listed also include some previously made up by retailers, salons and customers to identify them easier. We try to include ALL names that the numbers are known by, and this can sometimes mean that the same number can be called more than one name. For example, Bluesky nail gel polish 80533 is known as Skyscraper AND Cityscape. We include these names only for the purposes of customer ease, and any copyright or IP infringement that could arise is unintentional and will be immediately rectified if brough to our attention by the copright owner.

Bluesky gel nail polish is manufactured under strict conditions and all colours are European and British safety standards approved, full MSDS available on request. Bluesky Nail gel does not contain formeldahyde, and Bluesky products are not tested on animals. We are a retailer of the Bluesky brand, and while we will always try to answer queries about the Bluesky brand above and beyond individual orders, it is usually advisable to contact them directly with all queries not relating to retail of the Bluesky brand. 

NB - Payments will show as 'UKBSN Ltd' which is our payment name through Paypal, the largest and most secure online payment portal.